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Stationery Mystery Box

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NOT AVAILABLE TO UK RESIDENTS ON WEBSITE please order through etsy if interested!


Each box is different and unique! And are beautifully gift wrapped in reusable designed cloth - which is great for photos!

Here's what they include:
Small Box - $15
- 1 sticker flake pack
- 2 sticker sheets
- 1 full memo pad
- 1 roll of washi tape
- freebies
- Thank you card! 

Medium Box - $25
- 2 sticker flake packs
- 4 sticker sheets
- 2 full memo pads
- 1 roll of washi tape
- 1 letter set
- freebies
- Thank you card! 

Large Box - $35
- 3 sticker flake packs
- 1 pack of sticker sheets (4-6 sheets)
- 3 full memo pads
- 2 rolls of washi tape
- 1 letter set
- 1 pencil case
- freebies
- Thank you card! 

You are welcome to type into the note to seller on whatever you prefer, memo pads, washi, and sticker flake packs are switchable!
Type in the note to seller:
"Can I get ______ instead of _____"

“I like cute and simple things, I would really like green and pink incorporated, I also love animals! and can I get 2 sticker packs instead of the memo pack”

❗$25 and $35❗
Letter set can be switched for an equivalent value of 1, whether washi, memo, or sticker flake packs
In the note please add "Can I get 1 sticker flake pack instead of the letter set" or whatever option you prefer

❗$35 ONLY❗
You can switch out the pencil case for an equivalent value of 2, whether washi, memo, or sticker flake packs
In the description please add "Can I get 1 washi and 1 memo pad instead of the pencil case" or whatever option you prefer

Please do not purchase if you do not like cute/kawaii themed stationery!!!

⚠️Every box is made to order to best meet customization requirements, it may take up to 1 week to organize and ship out the box, thank you for your patience!⚠️


⚠️⚠️⚠️UPDATE AS OF APRIL 11, 2022⚠️⚠️⚠️
For those of you that have purchased these boxes before, I AM NO LONGER INCLUDING CUSTOM NAME CARDS BY DEFAULT! However, I will still include it for no extra charge to those that request it, or for those that are ordering this as a gift! Please let me know in the note to seller and let me know if you'd like a name card! If it's a gift, please include the name of the person you're gifting it to! Please note that adding a name card will change the processing time to 7-10 days from 3-5 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alexxis Gibbs
Loved the mystery box!

I placed a large order and it came really quick! Everything was packaged so cute with a handmade note for me!! The stickers are precious and the mystery bag felt curated to me based on my purchases!! I’m so excited to use everything ❤️

Rachel Ruiz

This is my second time getting a mystery box and I've never been disappointed! I'm still using the last one and I can say I love them both so much. I may not have gotten everything I wanted this time but I love everything I've gotten (especially since I lowkey regretted asking for certain things haha). Out of all the mystery boxes I've seen from different accounts, this is my favorite. Thank you so much!


Loved all the products I got, will definitely order again

Hnubcis Moua

Stationery Mystery Box

Tracy V.
Stationary Mystery Box

I love surprises! So I got this box because you just never know what cute items you’ll get! I told her that I needed some cute writing set because I have pen pals & the ones she put in there are so cute! I legit used them after opening the box lol 😆