Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions, if you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact me through the contact form! 

  1. It says you're not shipping to my country at checkout
    First please make sure that you have input your correct address. Otherwise, it can be an issue with the website not registering the products you want to buy. In this case, please let me know and contact me through the contact form! I'll be happy to help fix it for you!
  2. How do I get free shipping?
    Free shipping ONLY applies to the following: 
    CANADA | Orders over $50
    USA | Orders over $120
    INTL | Orders over $150
  3. Do you do collabs/art trades?
    I only do collabs with mutual small business friends! That also goes for art trades. I will not trade with you if your items are not similar products to mine (selling things that are not stationery). 
  4. Do you offer wholesale?
    I do! I don't have an official site that you can order on, but you can feel free to email me for any business inquiries! 
  5. How can I become a rep for your business?
    My representative terms are 2-3 months. During the end of that period, I will announce that I am doing a rep search on my instagram and you can apply to it through there! Please note that I don't accept just anybody to be a rep. It is a lengthy process for me to decide on accounts and people to represent my brand! 
  6. When can I expect my order to come? 
    You can take a look at the Shipping FAQ and check out the estimate times of arrival! Please note that although you receive the confirmation email about your order, the actual package may not be dropped off until the next day. If there are delays longer than 3 days where I am unable to drop off your package, I will contact you. 
  7. Do you do refunds/resends?
    Please let me know if there are issues regarding your order. I will do refunds in the case that:
    - You were overcharged for shipping
    - You were overcharged for a product
    - Requested by you BEFORE I send out your order 
    I will do obligatory resends on products that have not arrived after 30 days for Canada and USA and 60 days for International orders. I highly recommend getting tracked shipping for this reason. If you did not get tracked shipping but want your package resent with tracking, you will be asked to pay the tracking fee.
  8. How can I redeem my scratch card prize? 

    Our new scratch cards are available as a freebie for all orders over $30 (excl shipping) they are ONE TIME USE and must be made with a purchase from my shop. So you won’t be able to just get your prize sent out on their own. There is no expiry for the scratch cards so please no rush to use them! 

    Leave a note in the “note to seller” part which items you’d like to redeem it for, in your case, let me know what sticker sheets you’d like, then you can dm me on IG @pocketbun.shop or email me a photo of the card + your order number!